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You'll notice this account is (sort of) back up and running.
I'll be working on unstoring, updating a lot of my photos and watermarking the bejebus out of them over the next few weeks.
No complaining, I don't have time to deal with mass art theft or the occaional creep :p
A lot of the descriptions need minor updates, and I've changed much over the years with experience as a professional model, so I'll be editing website related things as well.
For the record, my name for nude work is and has always been Kallia.
I do a lot of fashion work, and I try very hard to keep those names as separate as possible for my agencies.
If you know my fashion name, please don't post it on any websites in relation to this work.
Its been 3 years and this hasn't been a problem at all, so I decided reopening my nudes page would be acceptable.

Once I'm done unstoring old photos, I'll be posting new ones :D

You can still find me at
and Kalliamodel [a t ] g m a i l [d o t] c o m
(separated to avoid spamming issues)
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Email me:
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Contact me here:

booking mostly for fashion, some figure work.

Only paid work.

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I don't know how many people on here know Miffy, but her mother is in the hospital over in Taiwan, her kidneys are failing and she has a virus that is causing fluid in her lungs. Miffy really needs to go see her mother; it may be the last time she will. I know most people are having a hard time with money, but if anyone would like to help out by donating money to help her get to her mother, it would mean a lot to Miffy and her family.

Any amount will greatly help the cause, and she is currently unemployed (was recently laid off) so she has no other means but to rely on the help and kindness of everyone else.

I know how I would feel in the same position if this was my mother, so perhaps we can all give a little to give a lot to Miffy.

The link below has a bit more info and a link to Miffy's paypal.…

Miffy is a beautiful girl and amazing model. I am friends with both her and her husband, her model mayhem for booking is:
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  • Listening to: MADONNNA